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Top Entry- Level IT Support Certifications

Lindsay Howard | Friday, Oct 30, 2020

Entry- level IT Support Certifications

The IT Support position is generally known as the first stepping stone into a career in Information Technology (IT). So, what are the recommended certifications for one to obtain in order to enter into this field?

First, let's define what an actual IT Support specialist does every day.
The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of an IT Support Specialist is someone working in a Help-desk position with an ear-set and microphone taking numerous calls a day. This is in fact the common work environment to be expected. IT Support specialists spend their days troubleshooting tech issues such as internet connectivity, IoT devices, or helping end-users navigate their way through specific programs and applications. They are just a phone call away or available via webchat depending on the organization. Entry-level Salary Expectations: $40,000. Not bad for "entry-level", right?

Required soft skills

Recommended IT certifications

Do you already have most of these certifications? Or have you already been working as a Tier1 IT help desk role for a while now? Trying to get to Tier 2? Tier 3? Or just get a salary raise? Stay tuned for next week's article: Best IT Support Certifications That Will Take You to the Next Level.


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