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Which comes first: CompTIA A+ or IT Fundamentals+ ?

Lindsay Howard | Friday, Nov 20, 2020

Are you new to IT? Are you taking the first step on the CompTIA career pathway? If so, perhaps you are deciding which certification to take first, the CompTIA A+ or the ITF+ (IT Fundamentals).

The CompTIA ITF+ certification provides a basic foundation of the IT knowledge and skills everyone needs upon entry into the IT industry. This certification is perfect for high school students, college students, career changers or non- technical staff who desire to learn basic IT skills.

The CompTIA A+ certification covers the tech support skills necessary for today's IT support jobs. This certification was specifically designed for entry level IT jobs such as help desk support and an IT technician.

If you feel you know your way around a computer and have a great handle on general IT concepts and verbiage, proceed to earn your CompTIA A+ certification so you can apply the foundational knowledge you already have and pair it with the IT support knowledge you will learn.

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