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Access 2007 - Forms missing. Tables and modules are missing. How to find them?

| Friday, Feb 3, 2017

Have you inherited a project that was created in Access 2007 and tried to modify tables, forms or queries that you clearly see referenced in properties and code but are nowhere to be found when you try to navigate to them in the navigation pane? Are your Access 2007 forms missing? The reason for this may be simpler than you think. Sometimes objects are hidden by the creator to provide some semblance of security, but this is not a strong method of securing a database. If you want to create a secure database, you ought to consider using an frontend with a SQL Server backend, or a PHP frontend with a mySQL backend (of course, you'll want to implement encryption and SSL on top of that, and you're going to want to prevent SQL injections to keep hackers and bots from deleting or defacing your entire project, but now we're getting outside the scope of this article). By the way, we do offer training in all of the above technologies, if you're looking to migrate your existing Access project to something that will be more scalable over time! Click on any of the above links to see what we can do for you. In the meantime, here's a simple check to see if objects have been hidden within your project. Inside of Access (this does work in Access 2010 as well; at this time we aren't sure if the steps are the same for Access 2013):

If this failed to reveal the objects you're looking for, it's possible that they were deleted or the copy of the frontend you're working with is corrupt (it happens a lot with Access, unfortunately, especially as the size of the project increases). Try restoring from a backup if at all possible.

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