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WANTED: Ethical Hackers

| Friday, Feb 3, 2017

The demand is insatiable for ethical hackers who hunt for security weaknesses before attackers can take advantage of them. Companies are scrambling to avoid Sony and Target-type hacks and the government is always working 24/7 to fortify their networks. Certified ethical hackers in the U.S. can expect to start out at about $71,000 annually. Jobs like security analyst and penetration tester, or someone who tries to crack networks to find vulnerabilities all fall under the Ethical Hacker umbrella. Depending on which subset you choose, that figure could go as high as $145,000, and more than double that for chief information security officers. Demand outweighs supply, says Matt Comyns, who recruits for high-level cybersecurity positions at the New York-based headhunting firm Russell Reynolds Associates.

Everybody's putting a premium on these folks because they're not so easy to find. They need to be super technical. They need to have a certain sort of DNA to be effective ethical hackers. Charles Tendell, who has spent about 15 years doing computer forensics, started Azorian Cyber Security in 2012 as a hub for his cyber consulting business. He says he started off as a hacker kid but eventually realized corporations wanted paper evidence vouching for his skills, so about five years ago, he passed a certified ethical hacker test given by the EC-Council, an information security training center. Tendell says companies are putting their security as their number one priority.

Companies are willing to go full-out now whereas they previously sought to check off boxes to remain compliant with regulations. Consumers also reach out to his company for help protecting themselves, and the business has grown from a one-man show to an operation of about 10 people. He says the best hackers can identify patterns and chaos in what nobody else can see. People who illegally hack are always changing up the game. Ethical Hackers are specially trained to know that the attempts made this week, will be obsolete next week. It's imperative to stay one step ahead and on the look out for any network inconsistencies. ATG Learning now offers Ethical Hacker certification by EC-Council.

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