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The Cloud is Changing the Future. Is Your Business Ready?

| Friday, Feb 3, 2017

Enterprises in the future will be unrecognizable to the ones we know today. Due to the enormous investments in network and infrastructure made by large organizations, transitions to the always evolving network are going to be slow, possibly lagging a decade in the past.

Change will be impossible to ignore in the upcoming years and no matter how big and successful your business currently is, you'll be beaten by the competition that embraced Cloud and mobile security earlier. How can they get from a decade in arrears to leading the pack?

Using mostly commodity servers with a smattering of more specialized hardware, running mostly off-the-shelf enterprise software with a handful of custom-developed applications, probably containing core IP; the business of today is struggling to catch up to the technology industry's constant advancement.

Meanwhile, you have an ever increasing number of large business employees that have grown up never knowing a time without pervasive connectivity and go-anywhere devices that have allowed them constant contact and immediate access. As of today, desktop computers still dominate, and email is the main means of business communication. Over the next ten years, new cloud-based technologies will change all that. Enterprise mobility technology and desktop visualization will abolish the desktop PC in favor of cloud-connected mobile devices, and each piece of software will be customized using VDI technologies to the function of the individual.

As economies of scale lower the cost of delivering high-value services such as analytics, such applications will become commonplace. They will be essential to analyse data streaming in from the myriad of devices in the cloud-connected Internet of Things, which in turn will allow enterprises to extend digital business scenarios to leverage existing investments, create new efficiencies and revenue sources, and enable innovation.

Specialists in areas such as security will be managing the infrastructure and networks to ensure that safeguarding data is as pervasive as connectivity, allowing the enterprise to share its data with trusted partners, employees, and customers alike, creating a truly open enterprise.

Soon new applications that are unheard-of today will undoubtedly emerge, driven by cloud-based innovation - and the enterprises that succeed in embracing that change will become the leaders of tomorrow.

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