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Top 3 Reasons Why Employers Look for IT Certifications

| Friday, Feb 3, 2017

When you consider just how important all technology teams are for a business of any size, you begin to wonder why being certified isn't required by law like a doctor or a lawyer. Certifications create a fairly level playing field among those who wish to partake in these highly-skilled industries. It also generates trust between professionals and the public which enables incomes to stay high and the quality of work to be relatively similar.

Regardless of the fact that government does not regulate this industry. employers still put a lot of clout on IT Certifications when looking to fill technology roles in their company. Here are the Top 3 reasons IT Certifications make a difference on your resume.

Adds Trust in your Abilities

Posting your experience on your resume definitely helps employers decipher if you are qualified to fill the position, but having a certification in that field proves you not only have experience, but you've passed a rigorous test. Employees can always list skill sets but being able to back it up with certifications is key.

Just like a college degree, IT certifications prove that you've been trained and retained the knowledge well enough to pass an exam. This gives employers the trust they need to put you in charge of their network and keep it secure.

Leader in New Technology

This reason reminds me of that old adage: employers are looking for experience but you need to be hired to garner that experience. How do you conquer this? With an IT certification. New industries in technology appear every year. When a company decides to hire someone to fill a position in a new technology, they are not going to see a lot of potential employees that have the experience they are looking for. This is where IT certifications give you a boost ahead all other applicants internal or external.

If you apply for a position in Mobile Security, that industry is too new for many people to boast they have a decade of experience in it. Someone who has had the training, passed the test and earned their certification is going to be the best way for a company to ensure they have the best qualified person available.

Boosting the Company's Image

Employees aren't the only ones looking to build their name. Companies are also competing in their business. Filling their tech teams with only the best is the way to getting and keeping a customer.

Being able to boast that the people running their network have all been professionally trained and certified even though it's not required by law shows customers that they are a brand with integrity. A company who invests in quality and expertise will have the leading edge almost every time. Employees with certifications earn an average of 15% more then uncertified IT techs so when you are certified, you are an investment businesses know will pay off.

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